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P.R.E.P. offers a full spectrum of affordable consulting services, from individual and group education opportunities to strategic relocation planning to group organizing and maintenance.  All of our consulting services are available via Skype or in-person.

Urban and Wilderness Survival

Urban and Wilderness SurvivalThe basis for successful survival in all circumstances depends on your ability to create redundancy in your plans and to be able to think on your feet. Gear will always be unavailable, lost or broken when you need it the most. The best way to reduce your need for equipment is to have knowledge and skills to provide a workaround.

We offer a whole package of skills that directly translate to surviving even the worst-case situations.

There are 8 areas of preparedness you need to have knowledge in:

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Shelter
  4. Safety/Health
  5. Security
  6. Energy
  7. Communication
  8. Transportation

Our urban skills training focuses on identifying where and how to secure the items you will need to survive as you make your way out of the city. Field expedience is always key so we will learn where to look for useful items along the way and repurpose them as needed. This is not a full-fledged SERE program but a quick and dirty exercise in resourcefulness.

Our wilderness skills training is realistically designed to be useful in emergency conditions while you are looking for a more permanent shelter solution. We focus on preventing the need to rub sticks together for fire but if you want the full experience, our world-class bush craft instructors will see that you get it. (Advance planning required for higher level class availability)


Food Security Planning

Food SecurityBeing self-reliant means not depending on anyone to support you. One area that most people are not well prepared in is food. The basis of preparing a food plan is being aware of what your nutritional needs are and which foods are best suited for long term storage in your climate while taking the budget into consideration.

At PREP we will interview you to determine your goals and needs. From there we will guide you to create the surplus you will need to be self-reliant for as long as you desire. Our tiered food storage program is designed to keep you eating whether the power is down for two days or two years. Best of all, you won’t be inclined to spend unnecessarily on commercial bucket foods that don’t live up to their claims.


Bug-Out/Evacuation Planning

Bug Out and EvacuationDisaster is unpredictable; we never know where it will strike. Where will you be when things go bad? History is riddled with examples of people caught in extremely hazardous conditions, many times while they were at home. If catastrophe strikes we may have to make the difficult choice to leave our current location whether it is work, school or even the expected safety of our home.

PREP will assist you in preparing for evacuation by identifying all of your critical needs and documenting a written process of all the steps needed to safely evacuate your home or office. This is the document that will get you out at the right time with the right stuff to the right place.

Components of your customized plan:

  1. Identification of retreat locations
  2. Comprehensive sequence of steps to decide when and how to leave
  3. Shut down and secure plan for chosen locations
  4. Evac routing maps with rally points, alternates, drops and caches
  5. Personalized checklists of items to pack for multiple scenarios whether travel is by vehicle or on foot
  6. Load-out plan with sequences based on critical needs. Plan considers interrupted or short notice departure
  7. Personalized transition plans from various modes of transportation while under various levels of duress
  8. Security and tactical methods for your personal skill level and physical ability
  9. How to choose lay-up locations enroute
  10. Destination activation for secure and safe fallback activities
  11. Re-entry sequence and considerations


Retreat Selection and Planning

RetreatsMany people realize that their home location is not ideal in case of an emergency event. If you live in an area that may require you to relocate somewhere else or if you would like a place away from it all, a retreat may be the answer. Retreats offer the flexibility to customize a place to call your own, can be as secret as you like and can double as a vacation spot for the family.

PREP offers everything you need to choose a location that suits your needs and then assesses your selected location for any deficiencies or improvements. We have a comprehensive list of important criteria to look for and recommend, making sure you are getting the right place in the right area. Our staff has a background in underground as well as above ground construction. From soil composition to structural elements to the secure infrastructure you need, we have it covered.

If you already have a retreat location we will evaluate and make recommendations for improvements in a number of areas. From security to shelving, daily storage, hidden storage, panic rooms or bunkers, we can help you turn that retreat into something even more special.


Shelter In Place Planning (SHIP)

Shelter In PlaceMany people will choose to shelter in place as long as possible because that is where their family, supplies and familiarity are. This strategy can be very effective but only if planned properly. Sheltering in place requires that all of your needs be provided for by this location. Regardless of what you have it may all be lost if it is not protected and stored effectively. Our experience shows that most people attempt a shotgun approach to preparedness and in the process they waste vast sums of money.

PREP can save you money by creating a personalized SHIP/Bug-In plan. We will connect with you either in person, on the phone or by videoconference to perform an initial interview to assess your needs. Once we understand your situation we will create a personalized plan that you will then use to focus your preparedness in a logical and cost effective way.

Sheltering in place is more than locking the door; it includes knowing what you have, if you have the right things and the important skills. As part of our process we will identify your skills and other factors and make recommendations based upon this information.


Movement/Convoy Planning

Movement and ConvoysWhen it comes time to relocate there can be some serious factors to consider. Timing is everything when panic, debris or travel restrictions are prevalent. Movement can be impeded by all of these factors and you may need to change your method of travel. Are you ready to challenge the masses? This process borrows some of the same information as our Bug-Out Planning but is intended to focus more on the travel methods, security specific to life on the move and less on the home shut down process. You will receive information on communication, security, patrol (Foot and vehicle mounted), tactical planning, rally points, messaging in a grid down scenario and more.


Emergency Contingency Plans

Contingency PlanningContingency plans are used to fill a special circumstance. They essentially are your plan B, C, and D.  We all know that when trouble happens even the best-laid plans can be foiled. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan at all; it means that our plans must be able to work around a problem that arises.

It has been said that it isn’t the plan that matters as much as the planning process. When we think of everything that might happen and how we would react, we are helping ourselves be more prepared and quicker to recover.

PREP will determine if you have any gaps or blind spots then create contingencies that will simplify and mitigate these problems.


Strategic Relocation Assessment

Strategic RelocationThis process is intended for when a client has found a location or a list of locations and wants an independent review of which location is best suited to the family/group needs.

PREP will conduct an interview to determine what exactly the buyer requires of a retreat location and will assess the property to include structures, infrastructure, terrain, climate and surrounding area to confirm if this property is the best choice for investment. The assessment will be conducted using a comprehensive list of criteria.


Converting to Off-Grid Living

Off-Grid LivingMore people everyday are realizing the benefits of reducing their dependency of the grid. When use the term “The Grid” we mean the services, resources and conveniences we pay for and bring into the home. Some are very important such as electricity and some are not. By reducing these attachments to the outside world we reduce the impact on our families that outages in those services will cause. The major benefits we see in going off-grid are financial saving as well as a major increase in peace of mind.

Going off-grid doesn’t need to mean living in a cave, PREP will create a customized plan and make recommendations to help you cut the cord get off the treadmill and begin living a quieter more satisfying life while keeping you going comfortably.


Survival Group/Family Preparedness Help

Survival GroupThis gets to the heart of what we do. We all know that going it alone when things get rough is a bad idea. We all have to eat and sleep sometime. Working with others, even family can be a challenging endeavor to say the least. Group preparedness requires all the same basic needs as working alone but with the added challenge of team dynamics and group conflict.

Does any of this sound familiar? I can’t find others I can trust? A friend has an ex that causes problems for the whole group, our group has a commitment problem, I have family or friends that won’t participate in any training or events, we can’t seem to make a decision and when we do nothing ever happens, we don’t know where to start because there are too many things to prepare for.

PREP specializes in working with groups to create a plan by which things can get done. Whether you are a couple of parents just trying to be ready for an emergency or a large Constitutional organization banding together to preserve your rights, we can help. Our well documented experience and written plans have helped many families, groups and even communities get off to a strong start or back on track when all seems lost.  No matter how small or how large your group may be, we have proven methods and written plans for everything from survival on the fly to gated community operations. But if you are just a small household, don’t worry; we will treat you like our own family.


Group Operations Short/Long Term Events

Group OperationsIf you already have a group that has been up and running for a while, you probably have an idea what you are preparing for and maybe how you would operate. In reality most groups struggle with everything from making decisions to practicing the skills they would need to be successful in activation.

PREP has the experience and insight to help streamline your operations for a more organized and smooth running group. When members see things getting done and time being used effectively, they are more likely to participate which in turn will keep momentum for more to get done.

PREP will work with your group to clarify your goals and membership. We will create a plan that your group can follow and use at meetings, training and social events. All of this will support your long-term goals so you will be ready sooner and able to focus on comfortable sustainment rather than frenzied creation.


Comprehensive Multi-Level Hazard Analysis

HazardsOne of the biggest problems we see in preparedness is the shotgun approach and getting ready for the less likely events. In our world of 24-hour news cycles we are blasted with images of things happening to other people in other places. This creates a feeling that the world is on the edge of Doomsday. While we may be struck by something very large, we should first prepare for what we call high frequency lower impact events. Each year many thousands, even millions of people are forced to react to a disruption to their family and way of life. What if this happens to your family? While the rest of the world may not care, your world may be shattered.

PREP has experience and the capability to perform a personalized hazard analysis at several levels from your home, work place, neighborhood, and region or even at the geopolitical level. Know what hazards are near or could affect you is the key to making wise decisions. Decisions based on information such as; how bad can this get? Will my escape route be affected? Will my emergency managers and public officials make timely decisions for evacuations?

Our Hazard analysis will guide you to make decisions based on logic, not emotion. It is all well and good to be prepared for zombies but after the dam two towns over breaks and your road washes out breaking the hydrant line and knocking down a power line causing a fire in your electrical panel, zombies will be the least of your concerns.


Group/Community Interface Strategies

Community InterfaceSurvival groups or people who try to be prepared at all often get a negative connotation due to recent TV shows and newscasts. If you are concerned with your group’s image and would like the additional benefits of intelligence sharing and law enforcement support, you may want to do some of your own PR work. Public relations can go a long way to help your credibility. When people don’t know you they naturally make up their own version of who they think you are. This can snowball into a bad reputation. All you wanted was some privacy and OPSEC but you may just end up with more scrutiny.

PREP can help by polishing your image and identifying options in your community to portray yourselves as the good guys. There are many side benefits to this process. You will be approachable in public and people will share information of interest, you will have people inquire as to how they may join you or how you might help them in some way. Several communities have even embraced their “disaster” group and called on them to help out.

While it is important to keep your secrets, it is also import to project a positive image in the community. Because when something bad happens word will get out that you are the prepared ones. Preparedness is a currency in hard times.


Custom Group Leadership and Governance Plans

GovernanceIf your group is new or struggling to get anything done, perhaps you need a system to operate. PREP offers proven plans and strategies for various types of groups. Retreat, compound, hybrids or cluster groups, we can help you with facilitation.

PREP will create a system as detailed as you want, to conduct operations and get things done. We probably already have something that will serve your needs regardless of number of members. When people know what the system is and what to expect they will be more likely to participate.

There are two ways to form a framework; build it first and those that come know what they are getting into, or form a group and attempt to please everyone along the way. One works much better than the other. Prepare the framework of how things should get done just as you would in preparing your emergency supplies, logically and systematically.


New Member Vetting And Affiliation Planning

New Member VettingFinding and vetting new members for your group or family are arguably the most important tasks you will undertake. These are the people who may be around your family or children in dangerous times. No matter how much food you store or how far away from the city you are, one bad person can tank your whole plan and the safety of everyone else in the group.

PREP will work with you to create a process to locate others with a vision similar to yours and most importantly weed out the bad seeds sooner than later. We already have a stock process that works and can make simple adjustments to meet your needs.

We also have related plans such as how to separate someone from the group and recommendations on what to do if there is a family split that might affect the security of the group later on.


Comprehensive Security Assessment And Security Planning

SecurityIf you can’t protect your stuff, you are only holding it until someone who wants it more comes by and takes it.  Security is job first and last. This doesn’t mean you need a tactical unit on standby everyday but if you know what to look for you can reduce your level of threat.

PREP will create a custom plan based on your physical or cyber security needs. If you want something a little more Do-It-Yourself, we can make lesser tech recommendations for all levels of protection from the front yard of the house to the ringed perimeter of your compound. Grid-Up or Grid-Down we have the solution that fits your budget and timetable.

PREP also offers classes to help get all of your members thinking about safety and security. This will encourage innovation and awareness.


Group/Family Continuity Planning

continuityNow that you have planned on where to go and what to do, have you planned on how things will get done if you or a key member of the family becomes incapacitated or lost?

Not every event is the coming apocalypse, what happens if a family member is in a car accident? Your wallet gets lost; you must hurry to a family emergency out of town for several days. Who will hold down the fort, feed the kids and pay the bills?

A Group Continuity Plan (GCP) is like an overall backup plan that pulls everything together and clearly lays out what to do and how to do it. The best part is that once you give it some thought, there is not much to do except work the plan.

The GCP will benefit your family or survival group in the following ways:

  • A key person is delayed by disaster conditions or travel restrictions
  • Someone is injured, ill, lost or killed along the way
  • Someone cannot participate because of their own lack of planning
  • Not able to communicate for some reason leaving everyone else in the dark
  • Perhaps a key person just chose to not participate for some reason

PREP will create a plan that covers all the bases from identifying who does what and outlines the authority to do it. In some cases legal documents are required to conduct business such as banking, childcare or final directives. PREP will guide you in collecting these documents making the process to take over for someone much easier.

Prepare with the peace of mind that your family is taken care of and prepare your group with the authority and resources they need to operate effectively.


Additional Materials, Plans and Services We Offer:

  • Pandemic Plans
  • Foreign Travel Preparation
  • Rest Plans
  • Charity Plans
  • Communication Plans
  • Retreat Activation Plans
  • Patrol Planning
  • Contingency Plans
  • Evac Routing
  • Strip Mapping
  • Topographic Map Selection
  • Map Overlays
  • Site Layout
  • Perimeter Design
  • Gear Reviews
  • Writing and Editing Services
  • Subject Matter Interviews
  • Equipment/Vendor Recommendations
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs)


Consultation Delivery Methods


All of our consultation services are available either through phone, online webinar format, or in-person.  Obviously, phone & online webinars will cost less, but in-person gets you hands-on interaction you can’t get through remotely.  The choice is yours.

If you’re interested in any of these consultation topics, please complete our “Consultation Interest” form.  Let us know which topic(s) you’re interested in, and which method of delivery you’d prefer.  We’ll get back to you promptly to discuss pricing and scheduling.



Custom Training and Education Criteria

Don’t see something you want? Have a look at our PREP Classes page for a list of training and classroom opportunities. We offer a wide range of comprehensive and abbreviated sessions.

Still looking? Reach out to us to see if we can customize something to your needs. If not we will attempt to connect you with educators we are comfortable in recommending.





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